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About Stonehouse

What We Do

We are a family operated horse boarding facility with first rate horse care as our priority. We offer full-care and self-care boarding at this time.

Full-care boarding includes hay, automatic waterers (heated in winter), feeding twice daily and mucking horse area as well as full use of indoor and outdoor arenas, trailer parking and tack area. (Alfalfa, grain and supplements can also be fed if provided by the owner.)

Self-care boarding includes a stall and run for your horse, automatic water (heated in the winter), tack and feed area, trailer parking, and full use of indoor and outdoor arenas.


We want you to feel at home with your horse at our facility with the level of care that makes you wish you were a horse!

Horse Legs

Who We Are

We are lifelong horse people and local Laramie family. A love for these gentle giants started over 30 years ago, training and learning in both English and western disciplines and a variety of different breeds. 

We have five personal horses at this time and focus primarily on pleasure and trail riding.

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